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Citrus fruits of Sicily at Home
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Oranges, lemons and mandarin from Sicily in 24/48 hours at your home.

Since 1955

We carry on with great passion a story that dates back to the sixties: a love for Sicilian citrus. We strive every day to offer quality products, the result of a sustainable production of the territory we love so much.

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Our farm on the slopes of Etna

For three generations, the Frasson family has cultivated oranges, lemons and mandarin in Sicily with love and passion. From his grandfather Luigi, who came to Sicily from Veneto to cultivate the land with love and passion, but always with an eye to innovation and the future.

Today we offer you the opportunity to have our Sicilian oranges at home, but also the wonderful lemons of Sicily and tangerines of Sicily.


Varieties of oranges


Varieties of hybrid oranges


Varieties of lemons

Benefits and Curiosities about Orange

These fruits are excellent natural antioxidants: rich in vitamin C, they delay aging and help control hunger.


The life of an orange tree is about 100 years, that is, a century.


An orange tree can support up to 60,000 flowers, but only 1% of these flowers become fruit.


For the same amount of fiber that a whole orange provides, you’d need six cups of cereal.

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The first orange trees that grew in the world were in China.

Vitamin C

Eating one orange a day provides the amount of vitamin C that our body needs.


After chocolate and vanilla, the orange flavor is the most claimed and preferred in the world.

Citrus of Sicily – The goodness of the island in a fruit

Sicilian citrus fruits are a real excellence of the territory. Thanks to the favorable climate and the presence of the volcano Etna, these fruits have acquired a unique flavor and flour in the world. The variety of citrus grown on the island is wide and includes oranges, lemons, mandarin, grapefruits and much more. In this article we will discover together the characteristics of the citrus fruits of Sicily, how to grow them and use them in the kitchen.

Characteristics of Sicilian citrus:

Citrus fruits in Sicily are known for their unique organoleptic characteristics, including:

  • Intense flavour and aroma
  • Juicy and sweet pulp
  • Thick and resistant skin
  • Rich in vitamin C and mineral salts

Use of Sicilian citrus in the kitchen:

Sicilian citrus fruits are widely used in the kitchen thanks to their flavor and beneficial properties.

Here are some ways to use them in the kitchen:

Citrus juice: great for making soft drinks, cocktails, fruit salads and more.
Citrus peel: citrus peel can be used to flavor sweets, biscuits, tarts and much more.
Jam: with citrus you can prepare excellent jams, to be enjoyed at breakfast or as a snack.
Savory dishes: citrus fruits can also be used in savory dishes, such as salads, marinades for fish and much more.


  1. What are the varieties of citrus cultivated in Sicily?
    A: In Sicily many types of citrus are cultivated, including oranges, lemons, tangerines, grapefruit.
  2. What are the characteristics of Sicilian citrus fruits?
    A: Sicilian citrus fruits are known for their intense and aromatic flavor, juicy and sweet pulp, thick and resistant skin and their wealth of vitamin C and mineral salts.
  3. How to grow citrus in Sicily?
    A: The cultivation of citrus fruits in Sicily requires special care and attention, including the choice of variety, soil preparation, planting, irrigation and pruning.
  4. How can I use Sicilian citrus fruits in the kitchen?
    A: The citrus fruits of Sicily can be used in many ways in the kitchen, such as to prepare juices, cocktails, fruit salads, flavor desserts, biscuits, tarts, prepare jams and use them in salty dishes such as salads and marinades for fish.


The citrus fruits of Sicily represent a real excellence of the territory, thanks to their flavor and their beneficial properties. The cultivation of citrus in Sicily requires special care and attention, but the results are extraordinary.

The citrus fruits of Sicily can be used in many ways in the kitchen, to prepare sweet and savory dishes. Choosing Sicilian citrus fruits means bringing to the table the goodness and authenticity of the island.

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